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My photography adventure kicked off about seven years ago, right in the middle of my college chaos. I was in the thick of figuring out who I was, making new friends, trying out different classes, and switching majors more times than I can count. Amidst all that, I picked up a camera, not expecting much from it. To my surprise, that small step ended up helping me find my true self and changed the way I see the world.

I started snapping photos of couples and quickly realized that what I loved capturing wasn’t just the image itself, but the real, raw moments and emotions between people. It was about making those fleeting memories last forever. This newfound passion for connecting with couples and telling their stories is what drew me to the wedding industry.

Back then, I never thought photography would turn into my career; it was just something I was passionate about. And honestly, it still is. It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the world of documentary and emotive photography, and it’s like I’ve found my calling. This shift in perspective has been a game-changer for me, helping me dive even deeper into my love for photography.

Now, I’m back living in my hometown, building a life with my husband in our cozy home, and I’m all in. My heart is fully committed to capturing those big, memorable moments in life. So here I am, ready to help tell your story, just like I’ve learned to tell mine.

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Weddings are deeply personal, and finding a photographer who resonates with you is essential. I value the relationships I build with my couples above all else. It's not just about pausing moments in time; it's about capturing the feelings behind each photograph, allowing you to relive your day with every image. My philosophy is simple: connect deeply, build trust, and create meaningful photographs that tell the story of your love.



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Here are some thoughts to consider if you're wondering whether we're the right fit. Each statement reflects my approach to capturing your special day, and if they resonate with you, I'd love for us to connect further.

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You cherish the candid moments just as much as the posed ones.

You believe that photography is more than just images—it's about capturing the essence of your love.

You're looking for someone to not just photograph your wedding, but to tell the story of your day.

You value a photographer who invests time in getting to know you personally.

You appreciate the beauty in the details and the unplanned moments.

You want to look back on your photos and feel the emotions all over again.

You're ready for a photography experience that feels as natural as your love for each other.

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Are you a photographer seeking to refine your craft and elevate your business? Join me for a mentorship where guidance meets growth, and your goals become attainable. Let's turn your aspirations into achievements.

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Having you here means the world to me. To capture and preserve your special day is a responsibility I take very seriously. I'm immensely proud to do what I love, as it's an honor to witness these wonderful love stories and turn them into art. Sound like something you want to be a part of?



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