For Photographers

1 hour - Facetime call

This is for those who want some light mentoring and have some general questions or just need a little help here and there. We will chat about all things business, social media, client management, ideal clients, workflow and so much more! I will also be an open book throughout this time as well. You will be able to ask me literally anything and everything that you want to know. 

+ finding your niche, style and aesthetic
+ how to attract & book your ideal clients
+ goal setting for you business
+ how to grow your social media
+ how to have a bomb workflow
+ pricing + guides
+ Editing and more!

One-Time Mentorship: $150

let's do this

This is for those who are ready to dive in deeper and be consistent with mentoring. During these sessions I will be challenging you more and there may be some homework involved. I will be checking in at each session to help you grow. This is a great way to see what is working and what we need to focus more on for you to better achieve your dreams and goals within your business. After these 1-1 mentorship session facetime calls I will plan a live session where we will meet up for coffee and head to the session together. During this session you will get hands-on experience all while working on posing/directing, making your clients feel comfortable, experimenting with different lighting, and so much more!

+ finding your niche & style
+ Ideal Clients/ bookings
+ Pricing yourself
+ Client management/relationships
+ Workflow/ how to optimise your time
+ Practice manual camera setting
+ Live shoot with a couple

1 hour - Monthly Calls for 3 months + Couple shoot

The Quarterly Mentorship: $500

let's do this

"WOW! I can't even begin to explain how much I learned in such a short period of shooting with Casey. Over the time of being mentored, I had questions that I needed answered and Casey made it easy to understand and she went over EVERYTHING you could possibly think of from start to finish. I shadowed Casey at a session and it was incredible to see how she worked her magic all while educating every step of the way. I would highly recommend being mentored by Casey."

"The BEST investment I have made so far. As a beginner photographer, I needed help with starting things as I was wanting to level up and Casey motivated me to keep pursuing my business and helped me grow from there. I was honestly scared to invest into education, but after I took that leap it was one of the best decisions I had made."

"I had been following Casey on Instagram for awhile and had always looked up to her. I reached out to her for some questions I had and she was so willing to answer and explain things in such detail to better help me. Casey goes above and beyond for her people. I was able to be educated in a way I could understand and better grow deeper within my business. I was seeking to achieve my goals I had set and needed help getting there. Casey led me through information that better challenged me and allowed me to grow."

Kind Words

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