Clay + Emily | Wedding Day

Where do I even start with these two? I met Emily the day we had to go pick out a wedding dress for a styled shoot her and Clay were going to be in for me (due to COVID it had cancelled) at this point she was not even engaged yet but knew it was coming. We had a whole hour to chat on the way to the dress shop and bonded over anything and everything but that day we left both knowing we would be best friends and what do you know I FREAKING DID HER “ACTUAL” WEDDING. I had done a few shoots with Clay and Emily and let me tell you they are literally the BEST of the BEST. Enough about that and let’s get into their love story…

Clay and Emily fell over heels for each other the moment they met. They were in the computer lab (she was studying Spanish) and Clay well he was just there because she was there every day at the same time. Clay finally got the gut to go say hey and they hit it off. They have gone through obstacles over obstacles and have fought for each other over and over again and that is what makes their relationship THEM!!! They never gave up on each other and fought for their love which is so valuable. The day FINALLYYYYY came where they got engaged and because of COVID there were still obstacles, but again they kept going and trusted. They had planned to do an elopement with me and then things changed for the better. They had their date set but because of COVID regulations they had to change it. I say all this because through all of this they fought and never gave up on each other. They were able to experience an AMAZING beautiful wedding with family and friends and it was one of the BEST days everrrr + this is what love is.

















January 14, 2021


Clay + Emily | Wedding Day


I'm Casey, a storyteller, Jesus loving, traveling gal with a chai latte in my hands always. I love all things neutral and am obsessed with capturing special moments. I've always had a passion for creating community and relationships to better serve people. My goal every time I pick up the camera is to create an atmosphere where my couples can be their true selves. I am also passionate about the power of relationships and their stories and want to capture just that. 

When I am not behind my camera, I am out exploring in the blue ridge mountain where I grew up, hanging with good friends, traveling or looking for good deals on home decor. I am obsessed with creating spaces that are homey and comfortable inside the home. <--(not necessary to include?) I also have a love for event planning and educating others within the photography and business community. I strive to serve my clients with everything I have and want to be your hype person. (something like that?) I'll meet you wherever you're at with a chai latte in hand and a smile on my face.

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