Cole + Joy | Wedding Day

ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR WEDDING DAYS OF 2020!! WOW! This day was such a special day in so many ways. Cole and Joy met in college and got engaged during a pandemic but nothing stopped them with it pouring and it being cover. It was raining and I believe it was during a hurricane season. Cole and Joy were two people getting married and did not let that stop this special day. It poured and poured and poured but finally we had a chance where we could go outside and get some AMAZING photos. When I tell you that these guys were troopers they truly were. They ran out in the rain did not give a care in the world about her dress getting dirty (because hello you can clean it) and you only get married once right? BEST DAY EVER!! My brides sure do know what they are getting into with booking me and I knew that once this bride was like heck let’s do this!


Cole + Joy | Wedding Day


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