Christian +Alyson | Wedding

This day was more than a specialize day for these two individuals and here is why…

Christian and Alyson both started college involving themselves in JMU YoungLife. They ended up being in the same friend group for a whole year and a half before they hung out. They had both seen each other at events and hangouts, but never really spoke too much to each other. That was until Christian made a comment about Alyson being able to ski. They began talking about how their families had been skiing or snowboarding for most of their lives, which led to Christian asking Alyson to go skiing. After Alyson’s skiis breaking, many ski-lift conversations, and some fried chicken, they decided they wanted to hangout again. It continued then with some Billy Jacks, a jump park, and talking to friends, Christian finally asked Alyson to be his girlfriend on February 23rd, 2019. Dating for Christian and Alyson looked like fishing trips, Chuck-E-Cheese, camping, and trying out lots of new food places. Right before Christian proposed to Alyson, he got a major job opportunity in Montana. Unsure of what was next, Christian was sure that he wanted to be with Alyson forever. After a month there, he came home to visit and then proposed at the place where Christian taught Alyson how to fly fish and hunt. Two days later, they drove out to Montana from Virginia. Christian came back a month after they separated ways and the wedding planning began! Alyson and Christian made sure to keep dating while wedding planning to keep the love alive until the best day of their lives, July 17th, 2021.

Here is a little peak into their specialize day.



Christian +Alyson | Wedding


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